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Cuong is quite possibly the most famous motorcycle mechanic in Vietnam, and with good reason.

Operating out of a humble garage on Highway 1 south of Hanoi in the early 1990s, Cuong’s reputation as a gifted mechanic and honest bloke quickly spread. By 2000, Cuong had opened a shop in Hanoi’s Old Quarter to repair, buy and sell Minsk motorbikes.

He was instrumental to the formation of Hanoi’s infamous Minsk Club in 1998, and it’s fair to say that if Cuong hadn’t been there to fix the bikes, the club would have never existed. Once Cuong’s shop was listed in the Lonely Planet, his name became synonymous with motorcycle touring in Vietnam.

About Us Cuong

It’s no surprise that when the world’s biggest automotive celebrities came to Vietnam to film the BBC Top Gear Vietnam Special in 2008, they called on Cuong for full mechanical support. He designed and built the amphibious motorbikes that carried Jeremy Clarkson and co. out into Ha Long Bay back in 2008, and he can be seen nursing Clarkson’s Vespa back to life on many occasions. Cuong also worked with Gordon Ramsay and Charley Boorman (twice!) when they came to film in Vietnam.

When the Vietnamese police and army began selling off their fleet of vintage 650cc Ural sidecars to collectors, Cuong recognised their potential for motorcycle touring and snapped up the bikes and spare parts. He custom fitted the Urals to make them a solo motorcycle with disc brakes, comfortable seats and modern electrics to meet the demands of international bikers. Cuong has most recently branched out into Honda CRF 250L and “liberated” US Army Jeeps and now has Vietnam’s largest fleet of bikes ready to tour.

Quality Motorbikes

We take pride in having the largest fleet of bikes of any tour company in Vietnam. Well maintained and set up for touring in Vietnam. All of our bikes are officially registered to the company so there is no worry that you'll be riding a second-hand bike with a fake number plate. We don't rent out our motorcycles and only use them on guided tours.


Our guides have years of experience travelling Vietnam and know the roads many small tracks that take you off the beaten track. We tailor our itineraries to your riding style and road conditions and are flexible for the adventurous at heart. As we ride we look to explore and will not rush you to the guesthouse if there is riding to be done, It's the journey, not the destination.


We don't cut corners on your comfort, we offer single rooms in the best hotels and guest houses available, and have selected special home-stays that offer an opportunity to stay and eat with families in houses on stilts. Over the years we have worked with locals to make sure our guest are comfortable. Clean hot showers, good food and plenty of cold beer at the end of each days riding.

Food on Tour

Vietnamese food is excellent at the places we stay in. For breakfast, we have eggs and fresh bread, crêpe with honey or noodles. For Lunch, we bring imported meats and cheeses and purchase fresh bread to make picnics along the way or stop in local restaurants for a Vietnamese flavour. Dinners are with families or local restaurants. Meals consist of fresh vegetables, pork, chicken, beef, tofu, eggs, buffalo and other local specialities. We can accommodate vegetarian and non-pork eaters, please let us know any special dietary requirements.

Safety on Tour

20 years of experience on the road, local knowledge, connections and first aid training helps ensure a safe and happy journey. We travel with a full first aid kit and have a network of private and local health clinics along the routes we can access. We put client safety first and make sure we know road conditions and judge clients abilities on tour to adjust route selection. We have worked with client's insurance companies to provide the proper documentation to file a claim if needed and have plans for evacuation if the situation calls for it.

Happy Clients

Over the years many of our riders have returned for other rides in different routes or recommend us to there friends. Vietnam is an amazing place to ride and we provide the best of bikes and a tight organization to make your adventure you what to share with friends and remember for a lifetime. Have a look at our TripAdvisor to see the real reviews, no fake reviews, real customers - real experiences. Let us know if you have any questions


Years of touring experience


Fleet of Honda CRF 250L


Fleet of Ural 650 Solo


US Army Jeeps

Our Team

With his years of experience on the tools and on the road, Cuong and his team of guides and mechanics will ensure you have a motorcycle adventure that is unique, unforgettable and most of all, fun.

Latest Videos

We are passionate to share our experience and try to produce a video of each group that travels with us. We find that they share with their friends and happy customers are our best marketing tool. Have a look at our videos see what our Vietnam motorbike tours.

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