Back home after a long long flight, back to work the day after I got back. The jeep and the tour seem a long way away, the excitement of Hanoi now just a memory. Relaxing by the lake or the wonderful Ha Long bay. The whole trip was a fantastic experience and I really enjoyed seeing just part of your country.

You did a great job looking after us, helped by the boys. If you could have arranged better weather especially in the mountains and around Sa Pa it would have been brilliant but even you cannot perform miracles, or can you???      “No problem” I hear you say!!

I’ve bought 2 money belts similar to the one I had and just want to confirm where you would like me to send them, is it the branch office or head office or your house?

If wish you the very best for your new business and I’m sure as long as you can get people out to Vietnam they will have a great time. If there is anything I can help with over here in England just let me know.