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Honda CRF 250L

Honda CRF 250L is the perfect bike for Vietnam, light and agile with the suspension to take on rough single tracks, and strong enough to pull you around trucks and up the steepest hills. We have modified our bike with larger rear sprockets for more low-end pull.

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Ural M76 650 Solo

A Russian Classic, Imported into Vietnam from the former Soviet Union the Ural 650 is a solid beast for cursing the northern mountains of Vietnam or driving down the Ho Chi Minh Trail. We have modified the classic Urals with front and rear disc breaks and upgraded suspension for a smoother ride.

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US Army MUTT151A

US Army Jeeps, "liberated" in 1975 our collection of vintage MUTT151A US ARMY Jeeps are a great way to see Vietnam, self-drive or with a driver we offer exclusive tours in Vietnam. TRave Vietnam in A a Vintage open top US Army Jeep Self-drive or ride as a passenger and explore the countryside, a joint group or Motorbike and Jeeps is a great way for Families to ravel together.

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Ural Sidecar 650 M76

A Russian Classic the Ural 650 Sidecar motorbike, imported into Vietnam from the former Soviet Union the Ural 650 is a solid beast for cursing the northern mountains of Vietnam or driving down the Ho Chi Minh Trail. We have modified the classic Urals with front and rear disc breaks and upgraded suspension for a smoother ride.

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Special Tour Departure dates

Special tours and destinations we have set aside the best dates and itineraries for touring by Motorbike or US Army Jeeps

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Sapa Ho Chi Minh Trail tour
Northeast Vietnam Border Ride

About Us Cuong

About Us

Who we are

Cuong is quite possibly the most famous motorcycle mechanic in Vietnam, and with good reason.

Operating out of a humble garage on Highway 1 south of Hanoi in the early 1990s, Cuong’s reputation as a gifted mechanic and honest bloke quickly spread. By 2000, Cuong had opened a shop in Hanoi’s Old Quarter to repair, buy and sell Minsk motorbikes.

He was instrumental to the formation of Hanoi’s infamous Minsk Club in 1998, and it’s fair to say that if Cuong hadn’t been there to fix the bikes, the club would have never existed. Once Cuong’s shop was listed in the Lonely Planet, his name became synonymous with motorcycle touring in Vietnam.

About Us Cuong

It’s no surprise that when the world’s biggest automotive celebrities came to Vietnam to film the BBC Top Gear Vietnam Special in 2008, they called on Cuong for full mechanical support. He designed and built the amphibious motorbikes that carried Jeremy Clarkson and co. out into Ha Long Bay back in 2008, and he can be seen nursing Clarkson’s Vespa back to life on many occasions. Cuong also worked with Gordon Ramsay and Charley Boorman (twice!) when they came to film in Vietnam.

When the Vietnamese police and army began selling off their fleet of vintage 650cc Ural sidecars to collectors, Cuong recognised their potential for motorcycle touring and snapped up the bikes and spare parts. He custom fitted the Urals to make them a solo motorcycle with disc brakes, comfortable seats and modern electrics to meet the demands of international bikers. Cuong has most recently branched out into Honda CRF 250L and “liberated” US Army Jeeps and now has Vietnam’s largest fleet of bikes ready to tour.

Quality Motorbikes

We take pride in having the largest fleet of bikes of any tour company in Vietnam. Well maintained and set up for touring in Vietnam. All of our bikes are officially registered to the company so there is no worry that you'll be riding a second-hand bike with a fake number plate. We don't rent out our motorcycles and only use them on guided tours.


Our guides have years of experience travelling Vietnam and know the roads many small tracks that take you off the beaten track. We tailor our itineraries to your riding style and road conditions and are flexible for the adventurous at heart. As we ride we look to explore and will not rush you to the guesthouse if there is riding to be done, It's the journey, not the destination.


We don't cut corners on your comfort, we offer single rooms in the best hotels and guest houses available, and have selected special home-stays that offer an opportunity to stay and eat with families in houses on stilts. Over the years we have worked with locals to make sure our guest are comfortable. Clean hot showers, good food and plenty of cold beer at the end of each days riding.

Food on Tour

Vietnamese food is excellent at the places we stay in. For breakfast, we have eggs and fresh bread, crêpe with honey or noodles. For Lunch, we bring imported meats and cheeses and purchase fresh bread to make picnics along the way or stop in local restaurants for a Vietnamese flavour. Dinners are with families or local restaurants. Meals consist of fresh vegetables, pork, chicken, beef, tofu, eggs, buffalo and other local specialities. We can accommodate vegetarian and non-pork eaters, please let us know any special dietary requirements.

Safety on Tour

20 years of experience on the road, local knowledge, connections and first aid training helps ensure a safe and happy journey. We travel with a full first aid kit and have a network of private and local health clinics along the routes we can access. We put client safety first and make sure we know road conditions and judge clients abilities on tour to adjust route selection. We have worked with client's insurance companies to provide the proper documentation to file a claim if needed and have plans for evacuation if the situation calls for it.

Happy Clients

Over the years many of our riders have returned for other rides in different routes or recommend us to there friends. Vietnam is an amazing place to ride and we provide the best of bikes and a tight organization to make your adventure you what to share with friends and remember for a lifetime. Have a look at our TripAdvisor to see the real reviews, no fake reviews, real customers - real experiences. Let us know if you have any questions


Years of touring experience


Fleet of Honda CRF 250L


Fleet of Ural 650 Solo


US Army Jeeps

Our Team

With his years of experience on the tools and on the road, Cuong and his team of guides and mechanics will ensure you have a motorcycle adventure that is unique, unforgettable and most of all, fun.

Latest Videos

We are passionate to share our experience and try to produce a video of each group that travels with us. We find that they share with their friends and happy customers are our best marketing tool. Have a look at our videos see what our Vietnam motorbike tours.

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Cuong with Charley Boorman while filming in Vietnam

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Contact us

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    +84 (24) 3632 0682
    Mobile: +84 918 763 515

    Make a booking

    Make a Booking

    Thank you for making a booking with us, A deposit of 200 $USD  is required to confirm your booking, that can be made via Pay Pal or bank transfer, We will send you a detailed Itinerary and tour information and payment details.

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      Cuong's Motorbike Adventure

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      +84 (24) 3632 0682
      Mobile: +84 918 763 515

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      Let's Ride Together

      Vietnam Motorbike Tours photos of our destinations in Vietnam, Bikes, landscapes and people are what makes Vietnam an interesting destination for Motorbike tours, Check out our photo gallery.  If you're looking for a custom tour itinerary, please connect via Facebook or email.



      Have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions about our tours and what to expect on the road. If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you with more information.

      Before you go

      Payments: Full payment must be made by the time we leave on the trip, we accept Visa, Master Card bank fees from 2-3% might apply.

      Deposits: We require a deposit of approximate 200US$ to secure a booking. Deposits can be made to our Hanoi bank in local currency ( VND), US$ and by PayPal. Please contact us for full details.


      Vietnam now accepts international driving permits from most countries, your home motorbike driving license is fine for our tours. Please check with your health insurance provider to make sure they cover driving while in Vietnam

      Drivers Licenses: Your home country driving license will suffice if you are pulled over by the police and it generally is not checked. However, if you are involved in an accident that requires police to investigate you will be asked to supply a valid driving license, fines can be imposed and motorbike impounded.

      Insurance: We strongly advise all overseas customers to obtain travel insurance before they arrive. You should have your own health insurance coverage that covers driving in Vietnam, while international quality health facilities are available in Hanoi and HCMC, health care services in the countryside is of a lower standard. District towns have health facilities that include emergency, x-ray services and can help you deal with a minor accident, they will accept payment at the end of treatment.

      We do not offer coverall liability insurance you will be responsible for the full replacement cost if the motorbike is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair. If Motorbike has been damaged on One of our tours we will get it back to Hanoi. but, you be liable for its repair. While on tour we accept that there will be normal wear and tear on the bikes or a few scratches. Dropping the bike is part of the experience, we are only concerned with major damage to the bike that would make it not functioning. we have a price list of replacement parts like the radiator, handlebars and smashed plastic bits on request.

      We do not offer third party liability insurance If involved in an accident with a local person we will work with them to make restitution in cash on the spot for damages to the other vehicle and if any medical aid is required. Medical care is very reasonably priced and in case of a small accident the cost is minimal. As an example: Trip to provincial town private medical centre with 2 X-rays and doctor consultation 40 $US ( no broken bones to set in this case).  Motorbiking is not the safest of activities in Vietnam so we always drive slow and take care.
      We are on a tour, not a race.

      It is best to avoid problems and drive slowly and safely, if you are in an accident, even if it is not your fault, you must be prepared to negotiate a payment or restitution on the spot.

      We have a support vehicle available to follow us on tour to carry luggage and provide transport in-case of injury. Please contact us for details.

      Be responsible drive safely.

      You must apply for a visa to enter Vietnam that can be done at an Embassy or consulate in your home country. Visa on arrival can be obtained and must be arranged in advance. We can provide a visa on arrival for most nationalities Please bring US$ to pay the visa on arrival fee and (2) 3×4 photographs. It’s better to have the visa before you depart and you don’t have to waste time in another line after a long flight. If you want the visa on arrival, please contact us for more information

      Here is the list of Countries that have a free visa on arrival, Please check with your airlines and local embassy for updated information. allowed length of stay in days is shown in parentheses, footnote conditions apply if starred

      Belarus (15)
      Brunei (14)
      Cambodia (30)
      Denmark* (15)
      Finland* (15)
      France* (15)
      Germany* (15)
      Indonesia (30)
      Italy* (15)
      Japan* (15)
      Kazakhstan* (30)
      Kyrgyzstan (30)
      Laos (30)
      Malaysia (30)
      Myanmar (14)
      Norway* (15)
      Philippines (21)
      Russia* (15)
      Singapore (30)
      South Korea* (15)
      Sweden* (15)
      Thailand (30)
      The United Kingdom* (15)

      *We take no responsibility of this 3rd party service.

      VISA: You should keep your passport or a clear photocopy of your passport and Vietnam visa on you at all times when driving. you will be asked to hand it over to the hotel clerk at night where they will register you with the local police. it will be kept safe and returned to you when you check out of the hotel.
      Important notes: Your passport must be valid 6 months from date of entry in Vietnam, Please check to make sure your documents are up to date. A single entry 30-day tourist visa should suffice and varies in cost from country to country.
      ASEAN passport holders get a free visa on arrival. Please check with your local embassy before travel.

      You can expect the full range of riding conditions on Vietnam motorbike tours — rain, fog, wet roads, rocks, roadworks and other hazards. It’s all part of the adventure! Let us know whether you prefer riding on sealed roads, challenging trails or a combination of both. We will attempt to give you the level of adventure you are looking for, weather permitting! Please contact us if you have any questions.

      Vietnamese traffic is chaotic at best, but there’s a method in the madness and it’s easy to navigate through on your motorbike when you know the road rules.

      Vietnam is not the place to learn to drive a motorbike. You must have riding experience to join one of our tours.

      The traffic looks like a free-for-all, but it’s not. There are fixed rules. They are just a different set of rules than the ones we are used to. Not that drivers don’t sometimes break the rules. The big difference is that in Western countries, a traffic light is just a suggestion and all intersections should be approached with caution.

      Our Tours take us out in the mountains and countryside where the traffic is limited, and roads are clear. Be aware at all times there are other vehicles, motorbikes, bicycles and farm animals on the road. Always drive defensively and stay on the right side of the road and slow down when other people are on the road.

      Equipment available in Hanoi
      (included in tour cost):
      BMW Motorrad summer pants ( S-XXL)
      IXS motorcycle jackets (S-XXL)
      Waterproof rain paints
      Waterproof poncho
      HJC Helmets  Open face helmet with a clear visor and retractable tinted visor (M-XL)
      Motocross-style helmet with a tinted visor (S-L)
      Dry bag and bungee straps for your luggage

      We have a warehouse/office where you can leave extra luggage during your tour. Please don’t leave Cash/cameras/computers in stored luggage.

      Vietnam has and enforces helmet law when driving or as a passenger on a motorbike. Regardless if local is wearing helmets we require that you use a helmet at all times. A selection of helmets available (included in tour cost) It is best if you bring your own helmet with you to ensure proper fit and comfort.

      Sample Packing List
      Here is a list of items that you should bring to make your self comfortable on tour

      Personal Items to bring:
      Swimming clothes
      Long Trousers
      Long sleeve shirt
      Warm sweater or fleece
      Sandals or comfortable shoes
      Mosquito spray
      Motorbike gloves
      Sturdy boots for riding
      Passport/money belt or wallet
      Travel shampoo
      Personal medications

      Accommodation: Although Vietnam is a developing country and we visit some remote places, the quality of accommodation has improved greatly. In small towns we stay at local private guest houses, each double room will have air conditioning, private bath, hot water and mosquito nets on each bed. In some locations, local homestays are available where the sleeping arrangements are made usually in a house on stilts all in one room. Each person will have a mattress, pillow and mosquito net with a shared toilet/shower in an outbuilding. Silk sleeping sheets are available from Shops in Hanoi.

      Some places have proper hotels with International TV, private showers and balconies (depends on location). We always try to take the best hotel or guest in town on our tours. Our tours are based on Single rooms and shared house when we stay with families in local home-stays.


      Village Home-stay with mattress and mosquito net, shared bath


      Home-stay Ho Chi Minh Trail Tour


      Mai Chau Village home-stay


      Resort twin share room private bath


      Hotel room single with private bath

      Meals: We provide quality Vietnamese food on tour and take in the local seasonal specialities where available. Breakfast usually consists of a Pho Bo (noodle soup), My Thom (packaged noodles) or Eggs and bread with Jam. At lunch we provide picnic with bread, imported deli meats and cheese and “special supplies” we bring with us from Hanoi, It’s great stopping on a mountain pass or by a waterfall to take lunch and enjoy the view. Dinner is local fare with rice, tofu, vegetable and meat (pork, beef, buffalo or Chicken)

      Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions we will do our best to accommodate There are rice and vegetables, eggs and tofu for vegetarian diets.

      Privacy Preference Center