Ural Solo 650cc

Ural Solo 650cc

Straight out of the history books, the Ural is a classic motorcycle. and a exciting way to tour Vietnam.

Our Urals are the M67 model that were produced from the late 1970s, which we have modified with improved electrics, front and rear disc brakes, more comfortable seats and better suspension.

Vietnam began to import large numbers of M67 Urals for use by the police and military in the late 1970s, when the Soviet Union was Vietnam’s largest trading partner. Over the past decade, the police bikes fell into disrepair and many ended up in the hands of collectors such as Cuong, who snapped up a fleet of Urals (and a mountain of spare parts) and set about restoring them.

Our Ural Vietnam tour is a once and a life time ride.

  • Air-cooled 4-stroke opposing twin boxer
  • Custom Front and Read disc breaks
  • Gear Box: Constant mesh 4-speed return
  • Seat Height: 500mm
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