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Ural sidecar tours Vietnam

Ural sidecar tours

Straight out of the history books, the Ural sidecar is a classic motorcycle. and a exciting way to take a Ural sidecar tours.

Our Urals are the M67 model that were produced from the late 1970s, which we have modified with improved electrics, front and rear disc brakes, more comfortable seats and better suspension.

Vietnam began to import large numbers of M67 Urals for use by the police and military in the late 1970s, when the Soviet Union was Vietnam’s largest trading partner. Over the past decade, the police bikes fell into disrepair and many ended up in the hands of collectors such as Cuong, who snapped up a fleet of Ural sidecar tours (and a mountain of spare parts) and set about restoring them. perfect for a Ural sidecar tours.

Our Ural sidecar tours is a once and a life time ride.

Ural Vietnam
8 Days 8 Nights

Far North Border Tour
Cao Bang, Ba Be Lake, Ha Giang
& Sapa

URAL 650cc • URAL SIDECAR 650cc

The northernmost region of Vietnam is truly a adventure motorbiker’s paradise and great ride on a Ural sidecar tours Vietnam. The rugged, rocky mountains of Ha Giang province are home to colourful hill tribes and some of the best rice terracing in the whole country, if not the whole of Southeast Asia. On a Vietnam motorbike tours Every bend in the road reveals something new!


Ural Vietnam
7 Days 7 Nights

Ride the Ho Chi Minh Trail
Mai Chau, Phong Nha, Dong Hoi, Khe Sang, Hue & Hoi An


The Ho Chi Minh Trail motorcycle tour offers bikers one of the best motorcycling roads in Southeast Asia, as it traverses the Annamite Mountains that form a natural border between Vietnam and Laos. Our route passes through historic locations from the war, at least three World Heritage sites, pristine jungle and offers easy access to the beaches on the coast. Ural sidecar tours Vietnam.


Ural Vietnam
6 Days 6 Nights

Vietnam’s Northwest Moutains
Mai Chau, Nghia Lo, Mu Can Chai
& Sapa

URAL 650cc • URAL SIDECAR 650cc

The north west of Vietnam is home to the country’s biggest mountains, raging rivers and an incredible diversity of hill tribe peoples. While Sapa is well and truly on the tourist map these days, there is much, much more to the northwest — and a North West Ural sidecar tour is the perfect way to see it! join us on a Ural sidecar tour in Vietnam.


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