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At Cuong’s we have three models of Motorbike we rent out by the day for self guided motorbike tours. all of our bikes have been tested, serviced and set up for touring in Vietnam. We include a small tool kit, metal painter racks and spare inner-tubes will on tour.

Motorbike rental fee must be paid in full before departure. A cash deposit is required to rent our bikes and are picked up and returned in Hanoi. We do not accept air tickets or passports as a deposit. One way rentals from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City are available as well. A cash deposit ( USD$, VND or Euro) is required for motorbike rental and will be given back to you in Ho Chi Minh City from our associate when you return the bike and after inspection. Check out our Terms and conditions.

* Please note:

We do not rent our our Honda CRF 250, Ural 650cc Solo or Ural sidecar motorbikes for self guided tours.

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